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14 October 2018
The presentation of "III Contribution of the Interreligious Dialogue to Peace and Multicultural Environment" International conference in Spain
24 April 2018
"Evsen" Group President Ali Evsen was invited to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim
15 April 2018
President of "Evsen" Foundation, Mr. Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia
15 April 2018
XXIII KERMES 2018 International Charity Market, took place in Madrid with the organizational support of the "Evsen" Group and "Evsen" Foundation
07 November 2017
King Felipe VI of Spain receive President of "Evsen" Group of Companies Ali Evsen at the Royal Palace in Madrid
07 November 2017
Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy met with President of "Evsen" Group and Foundation "Evsen" Ali Evsen at the Royal Palace in Madrid
06 November 2017
"Evsen" Group of Companies and Foundation "Evsen" organized "II Contribution of inter-religious dialogue to peace and multicultural life" in Madrid, Spain
15 August 2017
"Evsen" Group contributes to the country's industrial potential!
25 January 2015
Ali Evsen gave an interview to state TV channel of Turkey
   Ali Evsen gave an interview to state TV channel of Turkey.
   Turkish businessman who is well known in Azerbaijan and Europe, the president of "EVSEN" Group of Companies, Ali Evsen has given an interview to TV channel "Ulke" of Turkey in recent days. An opinion was expressed in the interview on socio - political events that today occur in the world and on the processes existing between USA - Russia, European Union - Turkey, Russia - Ukraine, Near East, as well as, in Azerbaijan. It is noted that the end of economic crisis in huge countries such as first of all France in Europe and China in East and warming of relations between United States of America and Russia that at present are the superpowers of the world is important for the end of declines in world economy and economic difficulties. Only then it is possible to speak about revival and progress in the world.
   Ali Evsen also states that the wealth to which people are get used is over in the world. They created conditions for people to live under best conditions in most countries. However, this led to wastefulness and abuse in most cases. Now, every person with healthy mind who thinks about future should spend less what they have and think about how to overcome economic crisis which is deepening day by day.
   The president of "EVSEN" Group of Companies, mentioning the issue of Turkey's acceptance to European Union, states that the member states of this higher body have great cultures. From this point of view, Turkey can contribute much to European Union and European Union to Turkey.
   Ali Evsen mentioning the last events in France, notes that Turkey should be near Europe, that's a full member of European Union. Turkey is the door of Europe towards East. We don't gloat for the death of cartoonists. The dead persons and the ones who kill them are the citizens of France. One of them is Muslim and the other one is Atheist. The tolerance in the world couldn't be violated for irreligious people. At the same time, it is unacceptable to insult people's moral values.

   Businessman, commenting on the issue of Eurasian union established by the efforts of Russia, notes that if any organization is established from strategic and geo-political necessity, it can be useful. However, there is no hope for the persons who have established any organization as they are offended or angry with someone. How sooner Russia and USA will come to an agreement, in this case, the problems will be solved in much easier way. However, if the processes continue in this way, the poverty will increase in the world.
   Ali Evsen, who is sincerely love our country, then states in his interview that I get so impressed when I hear the name of Azerbaijan. The most important 25 years of my life have passed there. In a short time, Azerbaijan signed a success which many countries could not do.
   In the end, Mr. Ali Evsen stressing the successes achieved by modern Turkey, states the importance and necessity of this national unity for the future development of his country.

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