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Installation and Service Department is concerned in delivery of all the parts sold and their repair, and other types providing either free or/and charged services.

Free service - is delivery and repair of the goods sold and the repair of the goods during the guaranty term.
Charged service - is delivery, dismantling, location, after guaranty repairs, and repairs, not included into the guaranty conditions.

Rules of using our service:
  • Calling Installation and Service Department (Dialing 563-51-10/40) informing about the model of your conditioners.
  • Afterwards, your general information (name, surname, address, telephone) is registered and the appeared problems are taken into account.
  • The definite time is considered, the experts are sent to your address, and you are informed about that.
  • Having reviewing the problem the experts define what kind of service your conditioner needs (guaranteed or non-guaranteed, free or chargeable.
  • For installation and service of your computers we recommend you to resource Installation and Service Department of Elite MMC.
Our address: 3068 block, Neft avenue, Darnaghul highway, Baku
  1. "Elite" International Managment MMC (afterwards to be named "Seller") provides quaranty of the products produced by the enterprises of Evsen Group of Companies. The products are the followings: air conditioners-3 years of guaranty, vacuum cleaner and refrigerators - 2 years. "Elite" TVs of 37 and 54 diagonals - 3 years and the other TV's - 1 year of guaranty. All the products are provided the repair service during 3 years.
  2. Quarantee-inside the range of the quaranty terms and condition all the repair works and spare parts are provided for free.
  3. Repair service consists of: cleaning the interior and external blocks, freon, drainage (connecting the aquatic hoses, etc.),inspection of the electric system, testing the product in all the regimes, freon gas filling (if necessary).
  4. Free repair service is provided only during the guaranty term and based on the guatanty conditions.
  5. Consumer should pay an attention on the followings: for the quarantee coupon to be valid, it sholud be correctly filled in, no changes to be made on the coupon, quaranty terms and conditions must be mentioned in the sales and installation coupon, name and serial number of sold product should be correct, presence and availability on the coupon of the signature of the person responsible for the repair works.
  6. If consumer doesn't follow the quaranty rules and as a result appear some defects and problems, the repair work of these defects aren't related to the quaranty.
  7. The quaranty service isn't provided in the following situations
    • If the product is repaired and installed by the third person having no responsibility for it.
    • If any constructive or shematic modifications are done by the consumer or other third parties.
    • If the consumer uses the product with the purpose of leading possessor activity.
    • In the case if the consumer loses the quaranty coupon.
    • In the case if appear some scales on the surface of heating elements and as a result the product is out of action.
  8. The below mentioned indispositions aren't included into quaranty terms:
    • If the consumer doesn't follow the demands of the producer shown in the quaranty document and as a result some indisposition appears;
    • Mechanical damages (cracks, scratches, fractures etc.);
    • Damages, appeared in the result of falling some extraneous objects, substances (water, oil,etc.), insects, some chemical substances to fall on the surface of the product;
    • Damages, appeared in the result of fire, earthquake, torrent, and other events, natural calamities (force majeure circumstances) and welfare factors;
    • Indispositions appeared in the result of Electric network problem, inconstant electricity (different from the electricity base defined in the technical passport of the product), short circuit, inconstant work of natural gas and water supply;
    • Indispositions as a result of of non-standard spare parts and waster products consumption (freon, etc.);
    • Damages appeared as a result of wrong packing, installation, preserving, wrong consuming and transporting of the product by consumer;
  9. The accessories attached to the product aren't provided quaranty. (control panel, accumulator, batteries, other electric charging elements, electric lamps,connecting laces, conductors, antennae, info cards, etc.)
  10. Any part modified during the guaranty term is guaranteed for the 6 months term.
  11. The below mentioned spare parts aren't guaranteed:
    • Fridges: air cleaning devices (biodeodorants), filters, compressors;
    • Gas stoves: electronic system;
    • Vacuum cleaners: hoses, tubes, brushes, dust sacks, filters;
    • Washing machines: filters, aquatic hoses, belts, electronic system, engine, board, plate.
    • Air-Conditioners: filters, water heating elemnts
    • Computers: accessories (mouse, keyboard, elektric battery, fans).
  12. Seller reccomends you to lead all the repair and installation work of your product in "Elite" Installation and Repair Service Department or by the experts of the enterprises issued responsibility from the Producer side. If in the regions and the area inaccessible by the Repair and Installation Service Department we recommend you to attract the experts and experienced people to lead this kind of work.
On installing the product consumer should get the confirmation of the installer on the model to be relevant to the product and its parts. Otherwise neither "Seller", nor "Consumer" is responsible for the problems.

APRIL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia of Spain.
NOVEMBER 06, 2017
The II International Conference, organized and implemented by the Foundation "Evsen" was welcomed and supported by the Spanish Government.
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